Friday, October 28, 2011

Portrait for Alisa

"Memories of you are the glue that holds our broken hearts together."

Just over five years ago the World dimmed, as one of it's brightest lights was extinguished. A few days before Halloween senior year of college, Alisa Naret, one of my close childhood and high school friends, was taken from us in a freak car accident. Alisa was a beautiful, bright, funny, loyal and caring young woman, headed to Medical School to study obstetrics. We pray that she is in a better place now.

With the fifth anniversary of her passing upon us, my heart and prayers go out to her friends and family and everybody who was fortunate enough to have experienced the radiance she emanated on a daily basis.

Last year, on the fourth anniversary of Alisa's death, I asked my friend Jason Kanel to fill me in on what Alisa had been doing in those final weeks leading up to her untimely end. I took the information and put it together to form the following poem.

Rest in Peace Alisa. We will never forget you.

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